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Justin Money - Irish Stone Mason



My love of stone began where I grew up in the West of Ireland. As a boy I helped sheep farmers repair drystone field walls.  Then I diversified into building new dry stone walls, patios and pillars. In my teens I built and thatched a traditional dry stone byre on my family’s farm.


During my student years, studying philosophy, my vacations were spent building stonewalls and travelling widely where I was further inspired by Europe's architectural heritage.


In 2000 I came to Kent, CT to do dry stonework on the estate of an Irish American and subsequently moved
my business to Kent.


Currently Irish Rock Art, Inc. has a work force of five and builds everything from simple dry stone retaining walls to  majestic fieldstone fireplaces . We work in Litchfield County, CT and adjoining areas of MA and NY states. We also offer carpentry, thatching and wider masonry skills to complement our stonework.



Authentic stone work is about utilizing the natural properties of stone to give a wall its structural strength. Properly applied techniques produce durable walls of natural beauty.


Our preference is for dry laid stonewalls - without mortar or cement- an ancient technique that has left Ireland criss- crossed with stone walls, some thousands of years old. For special applications, like fireplaces, we use traditional mortaring techniques.


We prefer to use locally available stone so that the built and natural environments of your property blend seamlessly
into an aesthetically pleasing whole. We can use stone from your property or can purchase local stone
suitable for your project.

                                                                 Member of the Stone Foundation


Irish Rock Art, Inc.
24 Maple Street Ext.
Kent, CT 06757
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