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Q - Do you work in the area that I live or own a home in?

A - We try to keep our job site within 45 minutes of Kent, Connecticut. We occasionally work in

South Western Massachusetts, and Dutchess County, New York.

Q - Can I have someone come to my property to discuss a project that I am interested in doing?
A - Yes, please either email or phone us and we will come visit you. We can help you design your project and give you a quote - free of charge.

Q - Do you offer a design service?
A - Yes, I like to either design the projects that I build myself or have an input in the design from the outset. I can work with your architect or landscape designer or refer one to you if your design needs are outside the scope of my expertise.

Q - Can you help us with elements of our project that are not stone masonry?
A - We do excavation, basic carpentry and landscaping ourselves and have a network of tradespeople that we can subcontract to do other trades such as electric, plumbing and plantings. We do block work and brick work and we can pour concrete but generally we do this only when it is part of a stonework project such as a fireplace.

Q - How long will my project take?
A - We are a medium sized company and usually have 3-6 employees, so we can get even big jobs done in a timely manner while still offering a personalized custom service.


Q - How do I see examples of your work?

A - On this site you will find recent examples of work (see below - navigating our site)

Navigating Our Site -


• On home page slide show there are links to Featured Projects (you can also get to these on menu above under projects).

Projects link on top menu has thumbnails to all galleries. Drop down menu under projects for more.


• Clicking on images throughout site will bring you to slide shows. Use the arrow keys or your arrow keys on keyboard.


• On individual work galleries under "projects" there may be additional galleries pages (hover arrow half way down) buildings, veneer, etc



Irish Rock Art, Inc.
24 Maple Street Ext.
Kent, CT 06757
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